Tuesday 21 February 2017

Senator Maura Hopkins maintains focus on Mental Health Services in Co. Roscommon

Senator Maura Hopkins stated this week that she "met again with Minister of State for Mental Health Services, Helen McEntee in relation to the external report of Mental Health Services and made it very clear to her the fact that the report is urgently needed". 

"Minister McEntee informed me today the report of mental health services will be completed in early March. The Minister also advised me that the HSE has raised the issue of delay with the independent investigation team on a number of occasions.  The investigators have explained that due to the large number of interested parties and the fact that many have relocated or retired the interviewing process and the due process following this have been elongated." 

Senator Hopkins continued “the review of mental health services was commissioned on 28th August 2015, which is over a year and a half ago.  This review is examining the quality, safety and governance of our local mental health services.  The people of Roscommon have waited long enough at this stage and it is really important that it is made available as quickly as possible.  I do expect this report to identify weaknesses within the mental health services in Roscommon. I also expect it to provide recommendations for improvement.

Our focus must be on providing a more positive and improving service for people with mental health difficulties."